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[This website will include mentions of violence,
self harm, eating disorders & weight, suicide,
homicide, and likely more. If any of these things
may be triggering to you: click away now.]

Welcome to my site!

This website is here, simply to allow me to express thoughts
I otherwise couldn't. Welcome to the mentally ill prison that is my mind ig.
I'm basically in love with Ted Bundy tho so expect to see a lot about him around here ♡.

Journal True Crime

Get To Know Me

You can call me Neon. I'm Canadian, 15, and basically
obsessed with the 70s, as well as in love with Ted Bundy.
You can leave if that makes you uncomfortable. Idc. I'm not
just gonna stop loving him because you think it's wrong...
Anyway: I'm genderfaun. My pronouns are he/they.

Favourite Animal: Dogs

Favourite Kind(s) Of Music: Idk tbh

Favourite Movie(s): The Purge: Anarchy, Thunderheart, No Man Of God, Zero Day

School: In high school

Future School: I wanna go to law school at some point ig

Future Job: Hopefully criminal defence lawyer but y’know, wherever the universe goes

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Does a dead serial killer count??

Best Friends: 7 (obv I’m not saying real names, lol click here for who numbers are though)

Favourite Candy: Coffee Crisp, Laffy Taffy

Hobbies: Researching true crime, drawing

Things You Collect: Post cards, Funko Pops

Any Tattoos And Where/Of What: None yet but I want to get Ted’s name in his hand writing with “Baby you know that I love you to death.” Under it, on my left wrist. On my right wrist get “1946-1989” with “But I’m never gonna see you again..” under it. And possibly get a crowbar tattoo on my ribcage.

Piercing(s) & Where: Currently have basic ear piercings (one on each lobe) but I want to get industrial piercings on both ears, as well as orbital + upper lobe.

What Do You Sleep In: Usually just sweatpants and a hoodie.

Do You Like Chain Letters: No.

Best Advice: If you have to compare them to Ted Bundy: ditch them. They will plot to murder you at some point. Yes this is based on personal experience.

Favourite Quote(s): “Society wants to believe it can identify evil people, or bad or harmful people, but it's not practical. There are no stereotypes.” - Ted Bundy

Non-Sport Activity You Enjoy: Researching true crime

Dream Car: Beige 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, obviously.

What’s Your Bedtime: I usually go to bed from 11pm-1am on school nights. Otherwise idk. Whenever I’m tired.

Coke Or Pepsi: Coke

Favourite Thing(s) To Wear: Probably my KMFDM Adios shirt

Favourite Colour(s): Black, grey, red, neon green (obv)

Favourite People To Talk To Online: TCC mutuals on Instagram & Twitter

Root Beer or Dr Pepper: Dr Pepper

Favourite Vacation Spot: Ironically Florida (Orlando; Disney World)

The One Person You Hate The Most: 5 (click here for who each number is)

Favourite Food(s): Watermelon

Who Is The Hottest Person In The World: Lol, Ted Bundy

When You Die Do You Want To Be Buried Or Burned Into Ashes: Cremated and preferably have my ashes spread at the Cascade Range mountains in Washington because yeahhhhhhhh I think you get why.

Do You Believe In Aliens: Yes

Things You Obsess Over: Ted Bundy, Disney

Favourite Day Of The Week: Wednesday

A Teacher You Hate: Not a teacher. But my elementary school principal.

Favourite Disney Movie: Tower of Terror

What Is Your Favourite Season: Spring

If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live: Seattle Washington

Favourite Magazine(s): Bitch I was born in the 2000s. I have a phone.

Favourite Flower(s): Roses

Favourite Number(s): 13, 16

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour(s): Strawberry

What Kind Of People Are You Attracted To: Usually people most other people hate. Lol.

Can A Guy & Girl Be “Just Friends”: Yeah. A) different sexualities exist and B) would you be saying this if two gay people were friends????

Favourite Sport: Ultimate Frisbee

[Integrity is for the weak minded..]