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March 15, 2021, Dylan Thomas Pountney, a nineteen-year-old student attending Christ The King Catholic High School in Leduc Alberta fatally stabbed his seventeen-year-old classmate, Jennifer Winkler during class. Pountney has since been charged with first degree murder. It is unknown what drove the teen to commit homicide however, it is known that he had an interest in online blood rituals and conspiracies for a while beforehand. He had a fasination with the occult and posted a video onto YouTube participating in a blood ritual. This all seemed to become much more of an obsession in the week leading up to the eventual killing. He believes the earth is flat, that government officials are reptiles, that the 2020 election was stolen, that people are “human prison bars”, and that we’re all servailenced by demons or being gang stalked. Pountney as mentioned previously was the owner of 3 YouTube channels one of which is under new name Jeriko Chris. And another, proving to be the darkest of the 3, under the name JUNIPER CROSSING. Which is where the blood ritual stuff was posted. Dylan is part of an online cult surrounding a man who believes he is Satan. The “followers” of him believe the same. And believe their name has to be in some sort of book in order to guarantee salvation but you have to do the ritual to get into the book. Allegedly the first 400,000 and something people to do it will get that salvation. Dylan also posted many videos of him smoking. Something I first realized when I found his Instagram a few months back. What I failed to notice however, was the comments sexualizing him and how he’d never respond to those comments but would thank his “fans” in videos sometimes. He even mentioned the possibility of starting an Only Fans. The account was a fetish page. That’s more than clear. But it’s more than just a fetish page.. it’s something much darker than that. Dylan became obsessed with the idea that he could get cancer from smoking. He wanted it to happen. It excited him. He’d post photos of the warning labels on cigarette boxes and tag his photos with things like #cancer. Even captioning his first video on Instagram, “Addicted to dying slowly.” He became obsessed with the idea of slowly dying for his fans to watch. And they enjoyed watching it. As dark as it may be. There is a subculture of people out there who find that stuff enjoyable.